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Migrant Info Center

MicFreiburg, a project of a migrant organisation,One World Network which serve as reference point for migration and integration processes. We focus on how best migrants can be assisted and empowered to integrate fast and effectively in the host community and also contribute to wellbeing and development in countries of origin. This is in line with growing recognition that migration can contribute to development, conceptualized in as a process which “connotes human, economic and social growth” This growth can take place at the individual, local or national level.

Migration has the potential to contribute to the human development of migrants, their families and, indirectly, their communities. It opens up new opportunities in terms of investment in socio-economic improvement and empowerment, through the establishment of job-creating businesses or necessary infrastructure, as well as by adding to the skills available to communities.

In order to empower migrants to participate in development, an active approach is required. Migrants should be provided with information, training and advice which will enable them to fully unleash their potential to contribute to development that safe migration provides them. This empowerment goes beyond the economic sphere, and includes information and training in aspects that impact the well-being of migrants, for example, in relation to health promotion and gender-related issues. In taking this broad approach, Mic Freiburg initiative takes a first step in showing how information can play an important role in the development of systems of mobility which ensure that migration is mutually beneficial to all involved. MIC employs new and innovative approaches that can be considered for further evaluation, and those that include a wide range of stakeholders and a mix of governmental, non-governmental or private actors, and/or have been shown to have benefits beyond the national context.

Migration Dialogue
Mic Freiburg in colabaration withlocal Organisations, Associations, government departments and the civil society conducts a monthly podium discussion on emergent topics touching on migration and inegration as well as other global issues.