One World Network

Partnerships play a crucial role in achieving positive global change. Goal 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals calls for revitalized global partnerships to achieve sustainable development. OWN believes in the power of partnerships to generate new ideas; scale up innovative solutions; source for funds to empower locals, group ,individuals as well as insttutions ; fill knowledge gaps in neglected areas; and leverage expertise, infrastructure, and data from the private sector. Most importantly, partnerships bring about positive change for those who need it most.
In order to achieve wider, more lasting results, there is a need to evolve development partnerships from largely philanthropic to market-based approaches, while ensuring the fundamental human right to basics is not compromised.

Migrants continue to remain connected with and deeply committed to their home country. These connections challenge the notion of knowledge and skills loss from high-skilled migration. Highly skilled migrants are also involved in remittance giving, which, although of the noneconomic type, offers new possibilities for building wealth. These are the so-called knowledge transfers which consist of the flows of knowledge, skills and ideas to the home country.

OWN strive to establish a vibrant migrant community who are ready and willing to participate in sustainable development goals by using their acquired skills and resources to participate in the development of their native countries through knowledge transfer.