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The Responsible Travel Afrika (RTA) is a unique sustainable development-oriented initiative of organizations, and international agencies. The main objective is finding solutions to critical issues confronting tourism in its relation to the society, nature and market forces.Tourism is one of the world’s largest service industries that can be packaged well to innovatively through research, training, marketing, field projects, publications, consultancies, conferences, courses, and documentary films, recognizing tourism’s potential as a tool for poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation.
Our Mission
To promote responsible tourism policies and practices so that local communities may thrive and steward their cultural resources and biodiversity.
One World Network is a migrant Association Registered in Germany with the aim of developing sustainable development oriented partnerships among migrant in their host societies as well as their native countries within the transnational engagement medium. OWN has developed a travel package that hopes to further and enhance this relationship. Migrants have a very real understanding of their native lands and therefore are better placed to give authentic and personal references to prospective travelers.
One World Network through its partner organizations in Africa gives several young people opportunity to aquire education and start-up businesses to to support themselves and their families.It also facilitates various community projects with local individuals, communities and government departments to build houses, schools, toilets, hospitals, social halls and libraries. Dan Amolo, one of the founders of OWN has a wide experience in organizing tailor-made personalized tours for those who wish to undertake eco touristic circuits. As a trained anthropologist and an experienced Social and Development Worker he came up with the Responsible Travel Africa idea for visitors willing to take a travel package that involves learning and social engagement with local people and their cultures. Dan has a lot of experience in Youth Work, Volunteerism, Work Camp and Student exchange Programs.
Through Responsible Travel Afrika we want to build an international network of highly-trained experts who provide critical analysis and practical solutions in areas of environmentally sustainable and socially responsible tourism.
Tourism, Travel and Development.
Today tourism is the world’s largest employer, accounting for one in 8 or 9 jobs globally, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO). Tourism is especially important to poor countries and is the main foreign exchange earner for 83% of developing countries. International travel has continued to grow annually, even during the recent global economic recession.
There is a continued rise and interest in responsible travel which has challenged the way conventional tourism operates and created the principals and tools to make tourism a force for good. Ecotourism (and related concepts) have demonstrated that, if developed responsibly, tourism can help to eliminate rural poverty, foster cultural understanding and peace, educate
travelers about special places and indigenous cultures, and provide economic opportunity and pride to local communities and indigenous peoples.
Despite these gains and interests, many destinations are being negatively impacted by irresponsible tourism. One reason is that the tourism industry, despite its size and importance, has suffered from a lack of thoughtful scrutiny and attention – both in public debate and in cutting edge research and analysis. Responsible Travel Afrika as an idea has a goal to counter this deficiency in insightful and cutting edge analysis of the tourism industry.
Core programs and projects have focused on best practices in:
• Coastal tourism.
• Residential and retirement developments.
• Ecotourism.
• Indigenous rights and tourism.
• ‚Green‘ certification programs for tourism businesses.
• Travelers‘ philanthropy.
• Sustainable destination management
• Tourism trends and consumer demands.
• Tools for financing sustainable tourism projects.
• Cost-benefit analyses of different types of tourism.

Building responsible tourism is no longer the goal of ecotourism alone; it musts be embraced by the stake holders in the tourism and travel as well as development sectors of the society. Indeed, in this era of climate change, responsible travel is no longer an option, it is an imperative. Given these realities, RTA remains committed to ensure that all the actors in the sector reap their fair share without exclusion and exploitation of natural resourses and social capital of the local communities.
What Is Responsible Travel?
Being socially, morally and culturally aware when we travel that is, understanding our affect on the places we visit and trying to make that affect a positive one. Imagine if travelers made a few small changes to the way they view their travels and how they interact with the cultures they visit. It could change the world in such an organic and positive way.
Responsible tourism aims to minimize tourism’s negative impacts on the environment and maximize the positive contributions tourism can make to local communities. Sometimes tourism can damage ecosystems, pollute environments and exploit local communities. On the other hand,staying at home does not improve development. Traveling responsibly is managing travel and destinations in an environmentally and culturally responsible way and designing tourism programs and individual trips carefully, to provide travelers with the experience they seek, while leaving a positive footprint on their destination.
We Dont Have to Give Up Things in Order to be Responsible Travelers
Avoiding to fly for the sake of carbon emissions ideally good, but it’s just not realistic for most travelers. There are also misconceptions that being a responsible traveler means you have to travel backpack, cut costs, low budget, and deny yourself several comforts and fun. While that can make for a uniquely adventurous trip, it’s not always necessarily responsible. Responsible travel doesn’t have to be an unattainably extreme and laden with heroics !. It can be as simple as small changes to the way we view our journey to new places and how we interact with different cultures.
A Responsible Traveler.
A traveler is one who immerses themselves in the places they visit. Unlike a tourist who only ‘scratches the surface’ of where they visit, a responsible, makes an effort to go deeper and understand the places and people they visit.
How to Be a More Responsible Traveler
The possibilities are as endless as the amount of places to visit in the world. But if you’re ready to be a more responsible traveler (I hope you are!) then this list should help get you started.
• Before you take a photo or selfie, take a minute to enjoy and appreciate the view.
• Talk to locals, learn at least a small amount of their language. There are so many amazing people you will meet along the way.
• Spend a few extra minutes finding a hotel that gives back or has a sustainability program, there are a lot more than you might think.
• Respect the people, culture and environment of the places you visit.
• When you book a tour, ask the operator or company if they are environmentally responsible.
If you make some of these small efforts on your next travel, be sure, it will enhance and enrich your travels in so many special ways and improve the world around you at the same time.
General Information
RTA is an initiative One World Network eV that helps travelers to choose responsible travel option as they take time to have fun and relax during their vacations. OWN is a migrant organization founded by African migrants and Germans who have visited ,worked, or volunteered in Africa.
The RTA team consists professionals,students and past beneficiaries of the Charitable work of One World Network. We have come together to design a SUSTAINABLE initiative that apart from giving services to travelers who are happy to visit our countries, cities, regions and villages to see and appreciate our cultures and our way of life in an organic and personal way. The team assists and organizes the travel packages as per the wishes and the budget of the travelers. We do this with a personal touch and are always ready to make the visitors feel at home through personalized non-comercial way. This is a service we take seriously because it creates jobs for young persons from the host communities (as hosts, guides, drivers, cooks and company) who are always left out of the commercial touristic chain.

At Responsible Travel we know you’ve got things you’d love to do, places you’d love to see, cultures you’d love to jump into and adventures to experience and remember forever. We’re here to help you do them, not just dream about them.

You can have as much or as little help from us as you want. We are a match making service that puts you in touch directly with the best specialist tour companies, hotels, tour guides and services. You’ll get expert advice and book with them. We’re not bragging! but just proud that we do a great job.

Finally, you should know we , work with and for local people treating them with respect and fairness. This pays back big time ! because well cared for locals let you get closer to their culture, their people and their nature. Which is good for them and good for you. In addition, the proceeds we get from organizing your travel and booking logistics supports the good work of the OWN that has given us a platform for self empowerment . If you WISH, when you book your holiday you will get an opportunity to visit communities, projects and individuals who have benefited from our support. You are well come to be part of ,contribute and participate in our Projects. We call this responsible tourism.

Give us a call or email us, and let us help you find a memorable and enriching holiday.
What is Included in our Services?
One of the many benefits of participating in a program with RTA is that we take care of all the important details before your arrival making it a stress-free experience for you and your participants. Our services include:
• Group involvement in relevant volunteering initiatives
• On-site staff and dedicated program leader
• In country transportation, orientation and logistics
• Excursions
• Local guides or guest lecturers in your field
• Accommodation
• Meals
• Coordination to help arrange international flights
• Travel insurance
• Pre-departure materials
• Language immersion
• Language classes

Charity Aspect
Another important part of our philanthropic work has been to deliver funds for charities using travel as the vehicle, leading to the creation of . We support and give services to charities and their fundraisers through channels which deliver significant funds back to the meaningful work of a variety of charitable causes in the local communities.

Other Proposed Services
Volunteer Abroad, Intern Abroad, Gap Years & Responsible Travel
Become a responsible world traveler and make a difference with RTA
Today, more than ever it is so important to build global connections, mutual learning and understanding. With that in mind, RTA works with sustainable, locally-led, ethical projects delivering a positive impact to local communities and environments and facilitating cultural exchanges with our volunteers and interns. And you can become a part of that! Our projects offer you the opportunity to:

A Volunteer Abroad
Whether you are 16 or 65, volunteering abroad can be a rewarding, worthwhile and fun experience as you discover a different culture and help brighten the future of communities around the world

Intern Abroad
Make your CV/resume stand out from the crowd by developing your knowledge, technical and personal skills while impressing employers with experience abroad.

Study and Service Abroad
Acquire university credits towards your degree by combining a semester or summer study abroad and support meaningful local projects
We work with community projects and locally driven initiatives that utilise volunteer work and assistance to achieve their goals, provide valuable funding and

Group Volunteer Programs
All of our programs focus on our commitment to sustainable, ethical and meaningful travel. Whether you are looking for opportunities to volunteer with friends, a club, scouts,choir, bikers,doctors,engineers, through your academic institution or even with your colleagues, RTA can develop a tailored itinerary that utilizes your skills, interests and group needs.
Our volunteer groups are highly valued, and have the opportunity to make a long and sustainable impact. We are able to develop shorter programs, some can be as short as 1 week in length, which is generally not possible for individual volunteers. Although a shorter program might suit your group better the impact is felt no less, as groups of volunteers can achieve amazing things in a relatively short period of time.

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